About Us:

Graham has been in the vape industry for 5 years now. He has done everything from manufactured his own E-liquids, created the FUhattan with the help of his team, owned a regional distribution company, managed a vape shop, and now he owns Smoke & Mirrors Vapor House. He is dedicated to customer satisfaction and believes that when a client leaves unhappy, he didn't do his job.

 Dr. Bob’s E-Liquids of Life are hand-crafted in small batches, in our very own designated clean room.  We are known for being persnickety, particular, and finicky. Every flavor has been tested by our staff and proven at retail level with a devoted fan base. We always follow or exceed AEMSA standards in our production of Dr. Bob’s E- Liquids of Life.

We hope you enjoy Dr. Bob's E-liquid of Life just as much as we do.

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